The Best Microblading in Los Angeles Saves You Time!

Living in LA can feel like constant hustling 24/7/365. Balancing the circus of work, a social life, and family amidst constant traffic can feel like a real juggling act. Think of all the time you could save at home by making an appointment for the best microblading in Los Angeles!

Time is Life!

If there’s anything we’ve learned in recent years, it’s that creating time to care for ourselves is essential. Whether it’s investing in a fitness class or treating yourself to a great massage, self-care reflects self-worth. But sometimes the best kind of self-care is finding a long-term solution so you can enjoy your most precious resource: time.

For those who take pride in looking their best every day, permanent makeup solutions like microblading offer a professionally applied eyebrow look with the added benefit of a much shorter daily makeup routine!  A win-win for busy people who want to look their absolute best.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a quick and cost-effective procedure that offers people from all walks of life perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Using extremely small needles and top-quality pigments, the procedure offers results that, once complete, look gorgeous and are all but impossible for laypeople to tell apart from natural eyebrows.

Major Time Savings

Microblading results typically last up to two years. If you do your own eyebrows every day, microblading could save you up to five full days’ worth of time over that same span (the average eyebrow routine takes about 15 minutes).

Contact Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup for the Best Microblading Experience!

At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, we’d love to help your vision become a reality! We offer a variety of services tailored specifically for every client. For more information about our services, including microblading, visit our website or call us at (424) 247-6411.

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Microblading in Los Angeles for Every Individual

For experts in microblading in Los Angeles, look no further than Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup. This ever more popular beauty technique not only provides you with fuller looking eyebrows that appear amazingly natural, but also with picture-perfect brows that last day after day through rain, sweat, and tears. At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, we provide our clients with carefully crafted and personalized microblading services that save time and frustration from your daily makeup routine.

Permanent makeup provides many benefits for a variety of individuals from all walks of life. From the busy professional always on the go to individuals struggling with a steady hand, long term makeup solutions ensure you always look your best regardless of how much time you have or your application skills. With microblading, you never have to worry about filling in your brows each day or wondering which products will last through the night as the treatment can last for months and even years. Imagine being able to swim, workout, sweat, and shower without ever having to worry about how your professionally applied brows are holding up.

Our resident permanent makeup artist, Ellie, understands that everyone has different needs and concerns. She knows the impact that a set of beautiful eyebrows can have on her clients, especially those who might struggle to apply makeup themselves or who may have suffered hair loss. She works with each client to customize the best brow shape and shade that flatters their face while ensuring the final result looks natural.

For more information about microblading expert Ellie or any of our permanent makeup services, call the number on your screen today or reach out to us through our online contact page.

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