Permanent Eyebrow Makeup – Microblading

Microblading in Beverly Hills

Eyebrows play a vital role in framing and balancing the face and well-shaped brows will lift your eyes as well as make you appear more youthful. Getting the perfect eyebrows can be difficult but at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup we offer a pain free, long lasting alternative solution to makeup.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Microblading, also known as micro stroking, is an advanced brow embroidery technique whereby a superfine row of needles is used to create thin, hair-like marks on the skin, which last up to 18 months. It is ideal for creating a very full and realistic looking brow and is becoming the most popular method in permanent makeup. Microblading is a manual method of applying semi-permanent makeup, particularly to the eyebrows. During the treatment, after a brow consultation, the new brow shape outline is penciled, the brow area is numbed, and then pigment is implanted into the skin. These are built up into the new shape to get the right effect, and the area gradually made denser with lots of tiny strokes for truly amazing results

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