Microblading in West Hollywood May be Just What You Need

Looking for microblading in West Hollywood? You’re one of many and it’s no wonder why. Eyebrows make a statement and great brows can make your whole makeup look stand out for all the right reasons. Now just may be the time to get your best brows ever!

Celebrities, beauty bloggers, makeup vloggers, and people of all ages just like you have been turning to this leading-edge technique to achieve the right brow look consistently. Microblading can get you the perfect brow without all of the hassle involved in crafting new eyebrows every day. Ellie is a true artist who works with all of her clients to select just the right brow shape to flatter their particular face and ensuring that all of the coloring is just right. At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, every client is a star!

So, just what are we talking about? Microblading is typically used to provide a naturally full eyebrow look which can typically last for some time and requiring occasional touch-ups for maintenance. It is different from the usual process in that thousands of tiny dots of pigment are used as opposed to inks typically used in standard permanent makeup. Even in comparison to the best permanent makeup job, microblading is dramatically more realistic. Most people really can’t spot the difference!

It’s important to know that our clients come here for all kinds of reasons. Many are busy women who just want to look their best all of the time and without any hassles – including during exercise when regular makeup would typically run due to sweat. But that’s just one reason. Perhaps you have lost your brows due to alopecia or medical treatments or you just need a bit of help filling in the arches. We also have a great many clients who don’t want to let a disability get in the way of looking their very best.

So, say goodbye to the countless brow products in your makeup bag. If you are finally over the frustration of trying to apply the perfect symmetrical eyebrow daily, then microblading is the right option for you! Get started with us today by calling us at the number above or you can reach out through our contact page.

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