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Microblading Los Angeles Dreams of: 3D Eyebrows!

The microblading Los Angeles’s most beauty conscience residents dream of is a cutting-edge cosmetic procedure that dramatically improves the appearance while saving you money and time. L.A.’s busiest and most beautiful people want to look their best from the moment they wake up and no matter what they do. How do they do it? Exquisitely shaped and flawless 3D brows in Los Angeles have never been more popular, especially when they are of the quality that Ellie, the renowned cosmetic artist in residence at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, offers to her clients every day.

If you’re not familiar with the term, microblading is a semi-permanent technique that creates a fuller brow with the use of very fine needles that produces results ordinary tattooing can’t match. The process is so delicate that it creates the appearance to be real hair for a brow that is lush, elegant, youthful and shockingly natural looking.

Out of all everyday makeup rituals, shaping eyebrows is easily the most complicated. Not only is it time-consuming to draw the perfect brow, but pencils or brush can be tricky and may smear. If you aren’t very precise, the brows can look “made-up” with a crusted and fake appearance. And if you go to the gym and sweat, all bets are off. As a striking sign of youth and vitality, eyebrows are your most important feature. They frame the eyes. In youth, the eyebrows are thick and full, but aging thins the hair and eyebrows can become scraggly and unmanageable. If we are going grey, the texture can change, making brow shaping more difficult. Not only do you need to carefully fill in the arch, but the color needs to be matched with subtle variations.

At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, we carefully evaluate a client’s facial structure, using sketches to map out the brow area before work begins. Then the color is matched and varied perfectly as we apply the micro-tattoo, faux hair by hair. It’s a painstaking process that not every makeup artist can handle, but Ellie mastery is unquestioned.

For gorgeous brows the easy way, let Ellie and Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup shape your brow and refine your look with a consultation. Call us at the phone number above or visit our contact page.

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