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Permanent Makeup Removal in Los Angeles

Permanent makeup removal in Los Angeles from Ellie and her team offers an effective and safe method for anyone who wants to lighten or remove permanent makeup or tattoo art. Unlike laser tattoo removal, the method involves injecting an all-natural saline solution under the skin, where it can begin to disperse pigments. The solution we use is made from the world’s finest sea salt and is free of carcinogens.

The Procedure

Permanent makeup and tattoo removal in Beverly Hills at our office is similar to getting permanent makeup with us. First, we numb the skin, and then we make tiny injections of the saline solution using the same machine we use for adding makeup. This should begin to lighten the area. Work for patients who are just looking for a partial lightening of the makeup/tattoo will often be done after only one session.  For other clients, two or three return visits will likely be necessary. The amount of time involved will largely depend on how dark and dense the pigments in the tattoo or permanent makeup are.

The Healing Process

  • Following the procedure, the treated area will redden and a scab will form, which will remain for roughly two weeks. After a few days, clients can use makeup to cover the area.
  • Clients must keep the area dry until the scab fully peels off. (Once the area is ready, you may peel it off by hand).  The technician will then tell you how to care for the area and which ointment(s) to use
  • Important: Do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight. It is important to keep the area dry for two weeks or when the procedure heals. Do not go swimming and try to avoid excessive sweating during this time.

Who Can Get Saline Tattoo/Permanent Makeup Renewal?

This treatment is appropriate for most people who have had permanent makeup or a tattoo applied at some point in the past. The exceptions are anyone who has suffered from a number of disorders. These include asthma, eczema/psoriasis, epilepsy, fainting or dizziness, gonorrhea/syphilis, heart conditions, hemophilia, hepatitis, herpes, HIV, MRSA/staph Infection, and keloids or serious scarring. It is also not advisable for pregnant women or nursing mothers to obtain this treatment.

Lighten Up Now!

If you’re interested in learning more about permanent makeup and tattoo removal from Ellie and the team at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, don’t wait to get in touch. Contact us today at the phone number above or visit our contact page.

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