Permanent Makeup Removal in Los Angeles that’s Safe and Effective

Permanent Makeup Removal in Los Angeles that’s Safe and Effective

If you’ve changed your mind about your permanent makeup, lightening or removing it isn’t as scary or difficult as you might think. At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, we offer a safe and effective method for permanent makeup removal in Los Angeles without the use of lasers. Our resident permanent makeup artist, Ellie, employs a removal method similar to how permanent makeup is applied but which then employs an all-natural saline solution beneath the skin in order to dissolve the pigments. With this laser-free approach, you can sit back and relax as your makeup disappears.

Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup is always happy to offer easy removal solutions. We understand that feelings and decisions change over time. Just like changing a hairstyle you’re no longer feeling, permanent makeup should be no different. If you’re looking to refresh your look or return to something more natural, our safe and natural removal treatment is the perfect solution.

Permanent makeup, as well as tattoo art, can be partially lightened or fully removed. At Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, the process for permanent makeup removal is similar to getting permanent makeup. The skin is first numbed, followed by minuscule applications of the saline removal solution into the intended area. Depending on the amount of lightening you’re looking for, in combination with how dense the pigments are, the process can be completed in one to several sessions. While partial lightening can be done in a single session, full removal of darker tattoos or permanent makeup may take a few more sessions.

For more information about permanent makeup removal and other services at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call us today at the number listed at the top of the page or message us through our contact page.


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