Can Microblading Eyebrows Make You Look Younger?

Did you know that microblading eyebrows could be the key to giving you a more youthful, polished appearance? Studies have shown that people with increased facial contrast are perceived to be younger and more vital. One of the visual signals that telegraph your age is the thinning out of the eyebrows. So one of the best ways to reverse the clock is to create thicker, fuller brows. Microblading is a simple, long-lasting cosmetic procedure that greatly enhances facial structure by filling out the brow line with feathery strokes of pigment so fine they appear to be individual hairs. In Los Angeles and around the world, microblading is redefining beauty and Ellie here at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup. Many of the biggest names out there choose this method to enhance their appearance and give their careers a boost.

Why? The shape and fullness of your eyebrows dramatically improve appearance while retaining a soft, natural look. Now, full eyebrows are easier than ever to achieve. Because microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, it’s important that you choose a consummate professional. Ellie at Beverley Hills Permanent Makeup has worked with countless clients to achieve a balanced, natural look. First there needs to be a consultation, taking into consideration hair, eye color, skin tone, facial symmetry, client goals, and lifestyle to make the right pigment choice. You may have heard that microblading is like getting a tattoo, but that is not exactly true. The area is numbed and pigment is applied with miniature needles so delicate they scratch the skin’s surface in tiny strokes.

Unlike a tattoo, the skin is not pierced so the result slowly fades after approximately 18 months. The medical-grade pigment is carefully matched to your natural coloration, making the strokes almost completely undetectable. The final appearance is like your own natural brow, but more flattering. Before that, however, the brow area is measured, evaluated and shaped, taking into account the facial structure and preferences of this client. There is an initial treatment and a top-up treatment after 6-8 weeks. So consider one of the best ways to reverse the aging process and maintain that aura of youth, microblading with Ellie at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup.

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