Microblading Eyebrows in Los Angeles: The Lush Life

So, how much do you know about Microblading Los Angeles style? If you’ve gone to the makeup store lately you’ll see that eyebrows are trending bigtime. There are hundreds of eyebrow pencils, some with tiny brushes, others with pigment to try and imitate the natural appearance of individual hairs along the eyebrow. That’s fine, but why spend all that time and energy on your brows every day when there is an easier way?  Microblading eyebrows is the best approach to getting the perfect arch, the perfect color and the perfect look, day after day. One of the most popular specialties at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup in Los Angeles, microblading is a high-tech, long-lasting way to change your appearance.

Here’s how it works. A microscopically small amount of pigment is applied, with each hair on the eyebrow drawn individually. The dye is expertly matched to your complexion and hair color. The final result is stunning naturalistic brows, practically indistinguishable from a natural eyebrow. Say goodbye to hours of plucking, dying and shaping your brows into the perfect arc. Instead, you can make an appointment every six months touch up your brows and be absolutely picture-perfect from the moment you walk out the door, take a shower, go swimming, sleep or sweat up a storm at the gym. Ellie and her skilled team at Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup are known for their artistic approach to microblading the eyebrows as well as their gentle and cautious approach – ensuring outstanding outcomes time after time.

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