Microblading Santa Monica

Whether you’re talking about microblading in Santa Monica, Brentwood, or anywhere else on the Westside, discerning women and men are turning to Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup to provide truly remarkable outcomes. The salon has built a solid reputation for providing results that consistently satisfy clients, thanks to the skills of its resident makeup artist, Elnaz.

The Best in Microblading

For many years, Elnaz has been at the forefront of what has become the gold standard for people seeking fuller, more attractive eyebrows that don’t require daily maintenance. If the term is new to you, microblading in Santa Monica goes beyond other types of long-lasting makeup through a highly detailed technique that produces results so remarkable that most people will have no idea that a client’s eyebrows are not entirely natural.

Elnaz’s loyal clients have turned to her over and over again because they know she provides results they can trust. She offers the fine aesthetic touch of a true artisan, with the knowledge and years of experience to provide the best possible results, keeping the entire process as safe and comfortable for clients as possible.  No two faces are alike, but Elnaz is able to create customized results that can dramatically improve a client’s overall appearance.

Ready for Santa Monica Microblading? Get in Touch!

Elnaz and the rest of the Beverly Hills unsightly gaps in eyebrows or simply trying to create the best possible look without the need for daily reapplications of mascara, we have a long track record of success that speaks for itself. To get started, call us today at the phone number above. You can also reach out via email through our contact page.

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